OPI Almond half-moons

So, this is my first blog post ever. I'm kinda excited, because I've been reading all these beautifully made blogs with very talented ladies behind them, so I feel I'm not up for the challenge, but I'll give it a shot.
This first manicure is my all time favorite classic almond half moon, which I was inspired to do by Dita von Teese. Please disregard the quality of my pictures, because they are old ones which I did with my phone, before I even thought I would make a blog one day. I will improve, promise :)
The polish used is OPI "Every month is Oktoberfest". Hope you'll like it.
I have to admit, you will probably not see many beautiful hand made nail art, because my hands are shaky and I cannot draw freehand at all. Meaning you will see a lot of simple, but beautiful designs.
Thanks for reading!

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