Do you know what is in your cosmetics?

Hello ladies!
Today's post will be one to raise a very important awareness that concerns all humans around the world - Animal Testing in cosmetics industry.

Recently I read this article, in a Bulgarian news agency website, with Subject "Is there blood on your lipstick?" (link HERE)
The main topic of this article is Animal Testing used by almost every brand in the world and one particular campaign, hosted by one of LUSH's London stores, against it.
I will quote the most important parts of the article here, as its in Bulgarian, so that you can understand what it says.
Even though Europe has banned animal testing, every year 50 to 100 million animals are being slaughtered in worldwide for the sake of experiment and test of beauty products before they are released for sale.

A 24 year old British woman, Jaqueline Traide, underwent the same "tests" infront of thousands of people in LUSH's London store, as part of her way to protest against animal testing.
If you check PETA's "Companies that DO test on animals" list, you will find most of our beloved, so called, big names in the make up industry. Such are MAC Cosmetics, all L'Oreal divisions (Revlon, L'occitane, Garnier, etc).
The three most common tests conducted are:

  • The Draiz test - test substance is added into the eyes of a living animal to test the reaction of the eyes or skin for side effects (more overall info can be found HERE)

  • LD50 test - or Lethal Dose 50. The number indicates the number of population that will, most likely, not survive the test. This experiment tests the lethality of a certain toxin. (more info HERE)

  • Vivisection - this resembles a surgery performed on a living creature to see how its neuro-pathways and organs work before it is dead. This is one of the ugliest and absolutely unnecessary things made yearly by the human kind. (more info HERE)

There is no need for you to like cats, dogs, rabbits, mice or even frogs. There is need of you to think, however. To use your mind to see what is really good and what is really bad, if you have any kind of moral system, beliefs and self consciousness. 
All these things are absolutely unnecessary, given the fact of the technical era we live in. 
It is very close to mind to know that if something does not show as a side effect to an animal, it can show as a side effect to a human being. 
Because of this I have decided for myself, for my family and most of all for my unborn children to say NO to animal testing. 
I did my own little research through the Internet and I have decided to spend my money very carefully only with companies that have been completely checked by PETA and are known to be eco/bio/cruelty-free. 
I urge everyone to do the same. 
I also hope that you will read through this whole post and that it will fear you, it will shake you from the ground and it will make you THINK! 
I also want to stress out that, thanks to a dear friend of mine, I have read a few very important articles about the chemistry behind the makeup and cosmetics and what are the ingredients the big companies actually use. I have also included links to the English articles I could find. So PLEASE educate yourselves about this too.

Here is a list of sources I have gathered up with the sole idea to make you do your own research.


  1. Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives + many other articles -  http://safecosmetics.org/article.php?id=599
  2. List of beauty products containing parabens (website is in French, but you can translate it) -  http://leflacon.free.fr/parabens.php
  3. A petition concerning all European citizens to stop vivisection - http://www.stopvivisection.eu/
  4. PETA's official lists of Cruelty-Free companies and "Companies that DO test on animals" -  http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/default.aspx
  5. Daily Mail UK article on Jaqueline Traide's protest - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2134555/Lush-animal-testing-protest-Woman-subjected-experiments-horrified-shoppers.html
I hope you have found this article informative and I do hope that I have changed your mind at least a bit. 
I know in what kind of consumer world we live in, but we CAN change and I believe that. 
I have already thrown away all my Garnier, MAC, AVON & REVLON cosmetics I owned. I hope you will do the same. 
Thank you!
P.S. - Any critics/advises or more info you want to share, please do. I am not Wikipedia so I may not know many other things on this topic. 


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