Retro stripes and dots manicure

Before I start describing the below manicure I just want to briefly tell you how I started the whole polish addiction.
I was looking for swatches for a specific OPI color when google directed me to www.lucysstash.com
I then started looking at all the beautiful and stylized pictures she has there and I fell in love with the colors. Since this encounter occurred I started following her blog (my first blog to read ever). I still refer to it for ideas on how the colors look like and on nail arts.
I was thrilled to see how easy it is to make such beautiful designs with tools that you have lying around your house.
Here is where I would like to thank Lucy for her blog and for inspiring me on doing beautiful designs on my nails.

The below art can be found on her website (www.lucysstash.com). I recreated it by using the following polishes:
  1. DitaVonTeese for ArtDeco "True red"
  2. Sephora French manicure white 
  3. A-England "Lancelot"
 Unfortunately I made only one very good sunny picture of this mani. Enjoy!

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