Bloggers polish swap with http://fallinnailove.blogspot.com

Hello everyone!
I've been gathering material for my blog and doing some researches for affiliate programs, when I bumped into this sweet blog - Fall In Nailove
It's owned and written by the loveliest Polish girl ever - Paulina ! ! !
So I browsed around and about and saw that she has a blog sale & polish swap.
Before I know it I contacted her offering my A-England "She walks in beauty" for OPI Liquid Sand "The impossible".
Quite a few nice e-mail exchanged and here we are - my polish arrived yesterday!
Wasn't I super excited?
But that's not all ... She added a sweet note, a complimentary varnish from a Polish brand and some awesome Polish candies :)))) That's how the things should be done!
I now feel embarrassed by myself, because I couldn't keep my promise of sending her the polish on the day I should have (post office wasn't working), but I had quite a few things running up and I sent only the polish itself. I will redeem myself, that's for sure ;)
Check out the pics of my present below and definitely check out Paulina's blog!

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