Day 9 33DC - Indian

Hello ladies!
Day 9 of The Crumpet's nail tarts takes us to India and Indian inspired manicure.
Here's my take on today's challenge..

My inspiration album in Pinterest always gets me out of trouble when I'm stuck and I need an idea for a mani. This time was no different. Here's what I found and used to recreate on my nails as a design -

It is amazing how my favorite color, purple, is combined with another gorgeous color - blue.
The whole architecture of this door is simply stunning.
Back on the nails. I have used the following for this design:

  • Base - OPI "Funky Donkey"
  • Stamps on accent fingers - BONDI "Uptown girl"
  • Light and dark blue acrylic paints for the decorations
I am not extremely proud with this design, but a girl gotta try :) 
Enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out the lovely ladies participating in the challenge.

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