Star Crushed Minerals - Review and swatches

Hello ladies!
I have been preparing this post for a long time now, but my life is quite hectic this month and the blog has been left on its own for a while.
Anywho I have a picture heavy post for you with review of Star Crushed Minerals products.
Read on...

Firstly I want to thank 2 endlessly awesome ladies for the opportunity to familiarize myself with SCM.
They are - Etta from Etta's Threads and Edie, the amazing lady behind SCM (Etsy shop HERE)
The products you will see in this post were won by me from Etta's SCM giveaway, she hosted a while back. I know she's a huge fan of SCM and since we became friends she got my attention and I wanted to try them. I am very happy and lucky to have won such an awesome prize! Thanks again ladies.

Now on the important part - SWATCHES! First I want to mention that I loved the sweet packaging and personal card I got. I always love personalized gifts/orders. Second - the colors! Oh, the colors! Amazing ones! The ones I got are:

  • Lucky Penny - mustard 
  • Chocolate covered cherries - deep brown 
  • Pomegranate - light rose-red
  • Skinny Dipping - very very nude white
  • Neptune Star - deep green
  • Teal - the name speaks for itself, although it has a strong black undertone which I LOVE
  • Rich plum - the richest plum out there ;)
  • Violet pearl - this one is amazing with base under it as it become even more pearly 
  • Amethyst - same as "Violet pearl", with base it has more pearly finish 
  • BLUSH "Light Primrose" - very subtle dusty rose
  • BLUSH "Peachy sheen" - this has become my favorite blush so far! Amazing peachy color with the best golden shimmer I've ever seen! My face lightens up every time I put it. I absolutely love this piece :)
Overall I must say I am very very happy with all colors I got. I am not used to using loose eyeshadows though and I am still learning in that area. However I will add that these all are best looking with base under it. This is my own opinion and its provoked by my passion for very strong, bold and highly pigmented colors. That's why I use ArtDeco Eye shadow base under all SCM shadows and sometimes I even use INGLOT's "Duraline" for more intense pigmentation and awesome results.
Thanks again to Edie for the amazing job she's doing with her products! 

Enjoy the photos and don't forget to visit Edie's Etsy shop and Etta's blog :) 
Let me know in the comments if you ever tried Star Crushed Minerals and what you think. I would love to hear! 

**Disclaimer - all products were won in a giveaway by me and this post represents my own opinions.

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