Makeup Monday "Disney Villains" vol. 2 - Hades

Hello ladies!
Since I was unable to post this yesterday, I'll be having 2 posts today.
The lovely Maria over at http://www.agapelovedesigns.com is hosting a second volume of the Disney Villains makeup Monday series.
Here's the schedule of all the looks:

So today I will be showing you my take on HADES, the villain from "Hercules". He's the Greek god of the underworld, quite vicious guy :))
I've used the following for the makeup:
  • Sephora blue duo eye shadows 
  • UrbanDecay "Chaos" from the Vice palette
  • INGLOT No.474 - Yellow 
 It turned out OK, I am happier with my blending skills improving every day :)
Enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out all other entries, by clicking on the banner on the bottom of the post.

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