A-England "Holy Grail" review and swatch

Hey everyone!
I received yesterday my order, from A-England, of two gorgeous polishes "Holy Grail" and "Tristam".
In this post I'm going to show you only "Holy Grail", because all of A-England's polishes deserve a separate posts, in my opinion.
I think here is the place to say that whenever someone asks me on my favorite polish brand - A-England beats them all. All of the polishes are with awesome colors, 1 coat opacity, not streaky at all and they shine bright!
I am sure every lady that ever tried them is in love with them.
Next month I will be making a large order from Ninja Polish, mainly containing A-England colors, so expect more posts :)
Enjoy the pictures!

 This was taken on daylight. The polish looks like liquid gold.

Again on daylight, but I think the white background makes it look like a cold colour.

Application was super easy, drying time - fast.

I love the way the colour changes its shades depending on  the light.

Picture taken on bright sunlight.

Here I've played one quick freehand french manicure design with "Lancelot".

This one was on direct sunlight + flash.

 Please do not pay attention to the bubbles. It's because my base coat needs changing soon :)

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