French manicure designs

In this post I'm going to show you some of my french mani designs I've made long time ago.
I do think that french manicure design is one of the most feminine ones ever. It makes my hands look very fragile and lady like.

1. A Sephora French manicure set I got for my BDay a year back. Of all finishes I like pink the most.

 2. For this one I've used OPI pink shade and Sephora French white. Plus an OPI polish with hearts and glitter for my ring finger.
 3. I've used OPI shades "Overexposed at South Beach" and "French Quarter for your thoughts" for the tips.

4. I have used gorgeous Golden Rose polishes for the base and the tips as well. They do not have names, but the shades are quite nice. Opacity is also very very good on these ones, no streaks at all.

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