A few simple designs

In this post I'm going to show you my first and oldest designs. They are very old and I have only one picture for each of them, because as I mentioned before I didn't knew I was going to start a blog someday. So here they are

1. OPI shades "The spy who loved me" (red) & "Goldeneye" (gold line)

2.OPI shades "Honk if you love OPI" (dark plum) & "Overexposed at South beach" (dark pink)
3.OPI shades "French Quarter for your thoughts"(grey) & "Oui bit of french"(red)
The design is inspired by "Assassin's Creed" game
4. OPI shades "Overexposed at South beach" & "Every month is Oktoberfest" (dots)
5.Colorama metallic blue & Perfect
6. First water marble attempt with Golden Rose Paris Collection shades "Bright sky blue" & "Bright orange"

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