Birchbox June 2013 review

Hello ladies!
I received yesterday, finally, my very first Birchbox for June 2013.
Read on for reviews and swatches...

Since I live in Bulgaria it is very hard to get my hands on this beauty here, but I managed to do it with a bit of help.
So I present you Birchbox for June 2013.
I am sure most of you are familiar with beauty sample subscription boxes. Birchbox is exactly that. You can check it out, if you haven't, right HERE.
I must say as a first experience with a foreign beauty box I was delighted by it!
I loved the packaging, the lovely welcome notes, the magazine, and most of all the size of the sweet box. What's more all products came in a very lovely pouch.
Everything I received was exactly the things I needed and I loved every bit of experience with the box.
Now on to the products.

First I will show you the waterproof gel eyeliner.
It is an amazing deep purple shade in a very travel friendly size with hidden brush in the cap.
I loved it not only because purple is my favorite color, but because it applies heavenly, it looks amazing and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Second product I got was a "Beauty Protector" leave in conditioner.
A little travel size beauty that helped my hair yesterday to comb easily and shine.
Smells really nice, does not weigh in my hair and leave it feel dirty and also it helps with the flying hair I have.

Third product I got was a "Noble Isle" shower gel called "Willow song".
Small travel size tube, smells really nice - like grape , even though it says water lily.
I tried it yesterday and I liked it a lot.

Fourth product is "Coola Classic sunscreen Face" with 30SPF. I already had my summer holiday, so this comes a bit late, but anyway I have some seaside trips planned ahead, so I will give it a try. I will maybe even use it as a day moisturizing cream on my face.

Last product I got was a ColorClub mini nail polish in "Reign in Spain" color, which is bright neon peachy color.
I also received a second one, which came in a separate little box. This was the only thing that kinda bugged me, because I think they should have added two different colors. Anyway, my sister in law will like the second bottle, so it's not wasted.
The color looks gorgeous and I cannot wait to swatch it and show it to you :)

So that's my June Birchbox review. I hope you liked it and I would love to read your comments about it. Stay safe! :)

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