Golden Rose Selective No.57 review and swatch

Hello ladies!
Time for an evening review and swatch of a Golden Rose polish I received as a present from my sister in law.
It is a lovely green color and its labeled No.57
Read on...

I am not a huge fan of Golden Rose polishes as they tend to have lots of chemicals in them, which is something I try to avoid these days, but as a saying here in Bulgaria goes "Never look a gift horse in the mouth". Plus the lovely lady that gave it to me knows my taste, so the color suits me perfectly.
Now on the polish. This series of Golden Rose polishes claims that has longer shelf life and longer nail stay. That one is really true. I wore it for 3 days straight and there was no chipping off or any other problems. Application was smooth and easy, two coats are enough. 
I have one black mark about the brush though - it was not clearly cut and there were some longer hairs showing, which kinda made the application a bit annoying at some points.
Overall a very pretty polish that I will use in future for sure.
The photos are without a top coat.

09 10