SpaRitual Protein Boost 12 day challenge

Hello ladies!
Long time no see, but I have a very good excuse. I've been on a Protein Boost by SpaRitual treatment for 12 days and that meant NO polish on my nails... Nothing really to show you ;)
Now its a wrap and I updates for you.
Read on...

I have been following Emma's (from Em's Little Corner) SpaRitual Protein Boost challenge for four weeks now and she made quite the progress! I was inspired by that and I thought that my nails are already in a bad shape, so they deserve a little treatment. I bought the bottle from www.feelunique.com for 10.50GBP + free shipping. SpaRitual products are 3Free and Vegan Friendly (as per the bottle's label).

Below you will find photos of my nails on Day 1 taken right after I took my last polish off and filed them all the way down.
Nail flaws I look forward to repairing:

  • Yellow tips 
  • Cuticles are too dry 
  • Nail plate is too dry and peels off layer by layer
I am not looking forward to nail growth, because I am already happy with how my nails are doing in this department. 

Day 1
 Day 1

I am not going to mention what brand I am using for my cuticles in this post, because I want to keep it concentrated on the Protein Boost.

The first day I applied two coats of the product and every day afterwards one coat each morning, before work. I also use cuticle oil at least 3 times a day and hand cream at least 2 times a day. 
The first few days there was no significant signs of improvement, but as the days went by it started showing. 
The next set of photos are from day 8.

Day 8 with Protein Boost on
Day 8
Day 8

You can already see my cuticles being healed a lot, since day one and you can see my nails' tips are growing whiter. Plus my nail plate looks far better than the beginning. 
I must tell you that after day 7 I took off all coats with polish remover and started all over again. 
Next set of photos is from Day 10. I have a nasty habit bugging my cuticles, so please keep in mind that.
Day 10
 Day 10
Day 10

After 12 days I decided that it is time for a little brake. There was one small flaw that I noticed on the last day - on two of my fingers the nail plate at the tip had peeled off a tiny bit. Something I did not notice so far. 
The first photo is taken right after I took off the Protein Boost and you can clearly see the above mentioned flaw. The second one is taken right after I filed my nails and prepared them for my manicure. 
Day 12

Day 12

Overall rating and final thoughts:
  • Performance - Awesome application, easy and smooth. Does not stink, does not sting in any way. It really helped my nails restore their moisture and freed them from the yellow stains. Additionally, after testing, they even stopped bending when pressed, because I had that problem as well. 
  • Price - Absolutely reasonable for such nail treatment product. 
  • Quality - exceptional, plus the bottle is so sweet and the rubber cap is heaven to work with.
I am absolutely delighted with this product. My experiment continues as I have given myself 2 weeks off the treatment to see how my nails perform and I will report back. Then I will start using it as base coat and report again. 
Thanks for staying through this long and picture heavy post! 
 ***I was in no way compensated for this post. I bought the product on my own and the opinions stated in this post are my own.

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