M.A.C. Lipstick "Rebel" - review and swatch

Hello ladies!
Time for a juicy late Sunday post including the all time favorite M.A.C. lipsticks.
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Classy is classy in every way. Sometimes I try to follow a simple rule, if you know that the brand is high class you should pamper yourself with something a little more expensive.
This lipstick is an example of the above rule.
I loved that lipstick ever since I viewed swatches over the web. Plum, purple and lilac are my favorite shades and this beauty fits right in.
It is with satin finish, very creamy and moisturizing. Doesn't dry my lips at all. Only thing on the downside is the staying power, which even with a good lipliner, still is not so good. On a normal work day, where I drink a lot of water have lunch and see my boyfriend (wink) I have to re-apply 2 times. And still it is a heaven to have this on your lips. You just cannot feel its there.
I adore it 1000% If you like such color, I highly recommend this one, even though the price tag is "nice".
Enjoy the photos!

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