August beauty haul - Garnier, Rimmel, Maybelline

Hello ladies!
I decided to start the Monday with my small August beauty haul.
I needed all the things I got myself and I wanted to review and swatch them for you as well, in case you decide to get any of them :)

First up is the Maybelline BB Cream in the shade "Ultimate glow".
I have read numerous reviews, seen swatches and videos for this product, and since a lot of the ladies were happy with the product, I decided to give it a try.
I was kind of bummed to see there were only 3 shades available, so I decided this time not to go with the "Light" one, because I'm tired of looking like a vampire (even though in the winter it looks sexy with red lips). That's why I got the "Ultimate glow" which looked awesome on my arm when I tried it. Turned out that on my face it is a bit darker, but with a foundation brush to blend it all out nicely it really gives an awesome healthy glow.
Although it is really runny and a bit hard to work with in the beginning, it is not sticky at all, my skin absorbs it very quickly and it's not staining at all (unlike the AVON BB Cream). Coverage is also very nice for a BB cream.
Overall I am happy with this purchase and I recommend it.

Second product I got was a Garnier moisturizing face cream from their new line Moisture Match.
I have a normal skin with no complexions at all, so I my choice was easy - "Start afresh". It is a simple moisturizing cream, a bit gel-like formula, which is not sticky at all and my skin absorbs it very fast and it immediately feels very refreshed. Many ladies, I am sure, will find the lack of SPF not worth the buy, but I personally do not care about that at all, so if you are like me go get this one, its worth it.

Third product is the Maybelline Expression Kajal eye liner pencil in Black.
I did not have any liquid black eyeliner left in my stash, so I decided to go with a black pencil eyeliner this time. It is very soft, easy to
work with, does not smudge if you do not touch it, it does not irritate my waterline at all and last, but not least - CHEAP! I'm happy with this one - a lot!

And the last product I got was the Rimmel London brow pencil in Dark Brown shade.
I love how this pencil comes with a small brush on the cap. Very cunning add and very handy as well. Nice dark brown color that blends very well with my almost black brows. Easy to work with and easy removal. No complaints at all.

Have you used any of these products? What are your opinions? I would love to know!
Thanks for stopping by :)

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