NOTD - Nails Inc. Leather and Skulls

Hello ladies!
Tuesday is a good day to show you my nails of day which are very rock'n'roll themed.
Read on...

I loved this set ever since I saw the review on Lucy's Stash's blog a long  time ago.
Since I am a rocker chic myself, this piece was an absolute must for me.
I was very happy to see the set here in Sephora, but I wasn't happy with the price tag at all.
Fortunately for me I ran into a blog a sale and got this for half the price I found it here. The polish was taken good care of, the cap was tightly sealed and everything was in perfect shape, so I was very very happy with my purchase.
Now onto the polish.
It is a textured finish polish with leather effect. This means that your nails look like wrapped in black leather, which is super cool. They look matte and luckily they don't feel that gritty the way they feel with some other textured polishes I've tried.
Application is very easy, formula is great and drying time is fast too.
Staying power is standard - 3-4 days. The skulls are applied very easily too and the glue that comes in the kit is very strong.
Only flaw I found is that when you put all 4 skulls, like I did, tying your hair becomes a huge challenge :D
Overall I am absolutely thrilled by this set and I recommend it highly.
Enjoy the photos and let me know if you like it!

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