33DC Day 2 - Mani featuring your most used color polish

Hello ladies!
Time for day 2 of the Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge - manicure featuring your most used color polish.

I had no hesitation about this one as both polishes I choose are ones I love and ones I use constantly:
I present you:

  • OPI "My Vampire is Buff" - firstly - the name! Everything containing VAMPIRE is a must-have for me, so  this beautiful polish made it in today's challenge. I love using it as base for nail art. Too bad the formula ain't so great.
  • BONDI "Uptown Girl" - I chose this one as I wanted something softer from the purple range. As you probably know, I am a purple fanatic, so use any kind of purple polish shade & finish wise. 
For the mani I've used the fan brush technique as I need to master it a bit more, so it was great to practice. 
Enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out all the lovely ladies' who are participating in this challenge on the bottom of the post.

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