Day 11 33DC - 3D nail art

Hello ladies!
A big day today for me with my 2nd driving exam and my dad's Birthday.
I also have a new design, part of Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge, to show you. This time its 3D nail art.
Read on..

I have obtained a bit of 3D decoration, thanks to my friend Mari, and I immediately wanted to imply it into a design and here popped this theme for the challenge - 3D! I have used two BONDI polishes, which complete each other like the sun and the earth:

  • BONDI "City Slicker" (won in a FBook competition, thanks guys!)
  • BONDI "Horny Mistress" 
Very simple, yet stunning design, in my humble opinion :) 
Too bad that the beads are very very hard to keep on the nail, especially when they are tied together as a chain. 
Enjoy the photos and don't forget to check out all other lovely ladies in the bottom of the post.

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