Day 15 33DC - Animal + announcement

Hello ladies!
I am finally back from my family weekend out of town. Much needed vacation, even tough I had real hard times with my wisdom tooth (which I took out on Tuesday) and my jaw.
I am late with this post, but I really didn't have the time to do it, yet here it is :)
Part of Crumpets nail tarts challenge today's post is dedicated to animals and one of my very favorite ones - the Tiger.
I've used OPI "A roll in the Hague", some acrylic paint and imagination ;)
I also have an announcement to make - I will have to, unfortunately, quit the challenge at this stage, as I have exams for my university coming up and I really have to study. I will be posting as often as possible, there are also a few posts scheduled already, but in general I will really need to focus on studies :)
It was amazing to participate in this challenge and I will be more prepared for next ones to come!
Enjoy the photos and thanks Debbie for hosting this creative challenge :)

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