Sunday bloggers meetup - photo report

Hello ladies!
8th is always a nice date in my calendar, just because of the number itself (being born on the 8th myself).
The past week I had 2 BDay celebrations and a blogger meetup with two of my friends (and colleagues too).
Also I've been sick for 5 days in total, and timing cannot be more bad, as I have tons of reading for my university exams to do and I'm nowhere near finished yet..
Anyway today I will share the summary of our Sunday Blogger meeting at my place, plus photo report.

First of all, I want to introduce my friends:

Us three ladies, we've been talking about this meetup for months, and finally were able to make it happen. We picked a nice date - 6th of October - Eli's BDay : )) (go say HAPPY BDAY on her blog and droll over the beautiful photos she has there). 

There was no particular schedule of our meetup, however I can sum it up like this:
  • Girl talk including men, makeup, nails, crafts
  • Crafting the wrapping for my hubby's BDay presents 
  • Making the cake for my hubby's BDay
  • Blog talk including advertising, improvement and webhosting
  • Makeup looks by Eli & Mari 
  • Lots of nice coffee, homemade South African bread and a raspberry cheesecake in the mix
  • Smiles, fun times and promise of more meets 
All in all I am super happy we finally managed to do this, we had real great time, lots of inspiration and ideas and next time we will make it a whole day as it turned out one afternoon is not enough for a girl talk :D 
Enjoy the photos everyone and have a great week!

Colorsplash makeup

Raspberry cheesecake

 Tools of the trade 

Raspberry BDay tiramisu in the making

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