Liebster Blogger Award + Fall Fancy linkup

Good evening (morning) ladies!
I have found a while ago this nice linky party, which is just the opportunity every blog owner might be looking for, audience wise. 8 lovely ladies are hosting the party and the linky is shown on all 8 blogs, so your blog will receive quite the audience! Be sure to join by clicking the banner below ;) Have fun!

A month a ago I was nominated for the Liebster Blogger award by the lovely Maria from Red Polish or Bad Polish
It's an honor being nominated for this award, because until recently I thought no one would ever read my blog at all :) Big THANK YOU goes to Maria for this one! :) Now to answer her questions:

1.When was your blog born?
It was born around April 2013. Still a newbie, but I'm getting there ;)

2.What's the main theme of your posts?
Nail art designs, makeup looks and product reviews of the same two categories.
3.In your posts - more words or more photos?
I always prefer more photos, as they are the catchy element of every blog, at least for me. I never ever read looooong profound reviews of a blush or mascara (for example). I always write (in my daily planners, lectures, etc) very simple, understandable texts where you can find all the info you need. 
4.Do you like extreme changes in your look?
Oh, yes I do! I had a very long hair, which I decided to cut one day in "Rhianna style" haircut and my hairdresser was overjoyed. Even told me "I wish all my clients were like you - into the dramatic changes". Recently I made a fringe hairstyle ;)
5.Any tattoos around?Post a photo if you have any.
I have a few. 5 to be exact. 
No. 1


No.3 (in removal process)


6.What about piercings?Do you like them or not?
I like them a lot. I used to have 4 of them, but they didn't last long, due to work restrictions. I loved my tongue piercing the most.
7.Long nails or short ones?And why?
More like medium length I think. Because when they are too long and when I cook, especially bakery, cleaning afterwards is super messy. Also when I type on the keyboard at work they tend to stick themselves between the keys and usually break.
8.If you have a daughter how old should she be to let her polish her nails?
16 years at least! 
9.How old were you when you polish your nails for the first time?
Seriously I cannot remember. My obsession is so big now, I even think it goes back when I was kid, which ain't true :D
10.What makes you happy - song,photo,joke or else?Post here something funny.
Quite a lot of things make me happy - my hubby, mi familia, my friends, nail polish, makeup, horses ... list goes on. But I have one awesome 9gag photo that cracks me up every single time. Behold ---->

Phew! Thanks a lot for reading this unusually long post! But its far from over. I have my nominations for the Liebster Blogger award right here! Thankfully it wasn't so hard to nominate 10 blogs below 200 followers(except the last one, but she deserves the spot), because all the ladies in this list are truly amazing as artists and personalities and I hope you will visit them all and say HI! My nominations are:

  1. http://sunshinenails.blogspot.com/
  2. http://mirsea.bg-damma.com/
  3. http://mybeautymadness.bg-damma.com/
  4. http://pullpulkrevolvingdoors.blogspot.com/
  5. http://www.polinasofia.com/
  6. http://ettasthreads.wordpress.com/
  7. http://lenival.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html
  8. http://beautynuggets1.blogspot.com/
  9. http://hrismakeup.blogspot.com/
  10. http://lettersfromamermaid.blogspot.com/
Here go my questions. They are one and the same, just in two languages - English & Bulgarian ;) 

  1. What type of polish do you like the most (color and finish)? / Какъв тип лакове харесваш най-много (цвят и завършек)?
  2. Favorite band from your teenage years and why? / Любима група от тинейджърските години и защо? 
  3. Cheap makeup or expensive one? / Евтин или скъп грим? 
  4. What do you think about vegetarian way of life? / Какво мислиш за вегетарианския начин на живот? 
  5. Share your favorite beauty tip / Сподели любимия си трик в грима 
  6. What inspires you ? / Какво те вдъхновява? 
  7. Do you sing under the shower? / Пееш ли под душа? 
  8. How do you like your coffee (or tea) ? / Как пиеш кафето си (чая си)?
  9. Red lipstick - yes or no ? / За или против червеното червило? 
  10. Which is your favorite eye shadow primer? / Коя е любимата ти база сенки? 
Don't forget to nominate at least 10 bloggers with less than 200 followers, answer the questions and ask ones of your own, tag the blogger who nominated you and leave a comment on her blog once you answer the questions. Have fun! 

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