UNII palette - review

Hello ladies!
I hope you all have been doing good. This weekend was crazy for me, because I had 2 exams in the university and I am happy to say that one of the 2 I passed with A+ : ))) The other one didn't went well at all, but I will have a second chance ;)
Now on the fun part of this post.
My dear friends and I recently bought ourselves the UNII palette to store our INGLOT eyeshadows in.
Here's my review on the product..

The official website from which you can purchase the palette is http://uniicosmetics.com/
It comes in 5 different colors to choose from. The cover is thick plastic and it has a very large mirror inside. It can store ~10 INGLOT (square) eye shadows + 1-2 brushes.
It also has a nice rubber accessory to put your thumb on so that you have a better grip on it.
It closes very tightly and it's quite easy to "navigate".
Why I would recommend this one instead of the INGLOT 10 pcs palettes ones (which I also love)

  • Big mirror
  • Lightweight
  • Smaller 
  • More storage space 
  • Easy to open 
  • Travel friendly 
Here are some photos of the palette + compared to the INGLOT 10 palette. 
I am really glad in the end that I bought this piece. It suits my needs very very well, its beautiful and very pragmatic palette. 
Tell me what you think! 

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