Mani...Oops...Pedi french tip summery model

Hello everyone!
Such a bright sunny and calm day at work today!
I've been browsing a lot of lovely blogs for mani's and gathering ideas for the summer.
However I've never saw a single pedicure post, so that's what I'm doing today :)
My first pedicure post. Let's hope it won't be a disaster : )
I've made this last week, while wondering what paint should I do on my foot and I came up with these two gorgeous colors combined for a nice classy french tip pedi...
It's very bright and summery in my opinion and it brings me lots of joy when I see it!
I'll be off to Greece in a month so  you can imagine I'm excited a lot :))

For this model I used two Golden Rose polishes from their Paris collection.

One is bright blue and other is creamy rose. The blue isn't good for polishing your nails, but for art it works just fine. The creamy rose was a nice formula, to my surprise, and two coats were perfect coverage.

Enjoy the photos and the summer :):)

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