Review of Polish brand "WIBO"

Hello everyone in this beautiful Saturday morning!
I'm very happy to have finally managed to try this polish on and show it to you.
I was lucky to receive it as extra gift from the lovely Paulina from Fall In NaiLove
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Also there is one picture I want to show you - my naked nails.
I finally managed to change he shape and deal with my awful cuticles. However I'm very pleased with myself and the result I've managed to get, so I wanted to share it.
I would love if you girls leave a comment on how to deal with dry cuticles and brittle and dry nails (my nails tend to peel of on the tips). Any recommendations on oils, brands, ect. are more than welcome :)

Now here on the polish.
The brand is called "WIBO". It's a Polish brand, the bottle is square and looks like Golden Rose Gel varnishes. The color is peachy orange with subtle silver shimmer. Two thin coats are enough for perfect coverage and the pics I took are without a top coat, so you can see how shiny it is.
Drying time was fast. It's a very lovely and feminine color, however I'm not sure if I like how it suits my skin tone, but that's probably because I'm used to more bold colors :)

Enjoy the photos!

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