CND Copper shimmer review and swatch

Hello ladies (and gents if any)!
Today I will show you one amazing polish I got from CND last weekend.

Generally I am a big fan of Shellac, but my gel-polish days are in the past now, because I've stopped working as a flight attendant and my nails started growing again and became even more stronger than they were. Plus I've discovered my polish passion, so 1 month with the same mani? NO WAY :)

Anyway I discovered a really nice bargain at a local drugstore - slightly used CND polishes for half the price. I got this one for 4.50EUR
And its an amazing color for summer, when I have more tan on my skin :)

Opacity is very good, two coats are for perfect coverage. Unfortunately it's quite streaky, but nothing that a topcoat can't fix. Drying time is amazingly fast. Removal easy as 1,2,3.

Enjoy the photos!

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