Look of the day - Punk rock chick

Greetings everyone!
Time for my Look of the Day post. Lots of orange/brown and a funky hairstyle.
Click below to check it out.

For today's look I was again inspired by the lovely Emily and her amazing hair styles and tutorials over at http://www.freckled-fox.com/

Specifically this one - Posh Faux Hawk Tutorial 
I saw it yesterday and I loved it immediately, since I'm a rock/metal girl (as you can tell by my blog design).
This morning I wanted to give it a try and also try my new hairspray. Here is the final result -

This looks amazing in real life and I encourage everyone to try it out ;) It's actually very easy to make, but you just have to be patient a bit, because it does take some time (took me 20-25 minutes), but in the end it's gorgeous and everyone here at work loved it!
I can give only one tip to you - TONS of hairspray and bobby pins :):):)

As you can see my outfit is orange today, so I decided to use the same for my makeup.
I've used the following products:
  • AVON BB cream as base 
  • Maybelline FitMe concealer 
  • ArtDeco eyeshadow base 
  • INGLOT Orange Trio eyeshadows 
  • AVON Infinitize mascara 
  • REVLON Red Laquer lipstick

I've added these cute skull earrings and my all-time favorite cowboy boots from Levi's. 

Have a great great day ladies! 

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