Review of BornPretty Store stamping tools and plate

Hello everyone!
I was graciously provided with the opportunity to review and show you one beautiful stamping plate and a stamper I received from BornPrettyStore.

Continue reading to see what I mean :)

So here are the products I got: 

I am quite new at nail art stamping, but I absolutely adore the idea, since I'm with two left hands when it comes to drawing, so you can imagine I cannot make my own beautiful nail art, even though my head is full of ideas :) 
But here comes stamping plates and everything works out fine.

So a few words about the products. If you are familiar with BornPrettyStore you will know that all of their products are high quality and very very easy to use. 
These two are no exception. Below you will find more detailed photos of the products plus a picture of my current manicure design. Stamping is super-easy, but I really suggest to buy some stamping polishes (also can be found on BornPretty's website - here) 
I am saying that, because I've tried using regular polishes, from cheap drugstore ones to expensive ones, and the only one that worked rather good was A-England's "Lancelot", which you can also see in the pictures below. 

Overall I'm very satisfied with what I got and I recommend it for quick and very easy nail art (and for those who, like me, cannot draw ;) )

If you like to treat yourself with a 10% discount at BornPretty, don't forget to use my discount code - DDG10. Just add it at the end of  your purchase.  

***The products were provided for review. All impressions and opinions are purely my own.

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