BONDI NYC Polish reviews and swatches - Part I

Hello ladies!
I have a bright and colorful Sunday post prepared for you. Review of 3 of all 6 BONDI shades I received in my August subscription boxes.
Read on..

I will show you the following three gorgeous and vivid shades from BONDI - "Horny Mistress";"Teal Magnolia" and "Brick Road".
The bottle and cap - Square bottle containing 15ml of polish. The square cap provides a very nice grip when opening and the brush is long enough to work well with the polish. I believe that the brush could have been a bit more wide, but it works fine anyway.
Formula - All polishes dry very fast and removal is heavenly easy. Quoted from the company's website - "All Bondi New York polishes are free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene and DBP. "

"Horny Mistress" - As Bon Jovi sang in "You give love a bad name" - "Blood red nails on your fingertips".
This sentence completely describes BONDI's "Horny Mistress" shade.  Deep bloody red nail polish, an absolute classic when it comes to nail polish.
Formula is perfect. One thick coat is absolutely enough for full amazing coverage. However top coat is absolutely needed, because they with a bit of dull glossiness. I have used one coat of BONDI "I'm Vers" top coat. The top itself is nice, does the work fine, but I find it a bit runny for my taste.
I've done a simple nail art using BornPretty Store Texture metal nail stickers in pattern #7 in the last photo.

 "Teal Magnolia"  - A subtle creamy aqua/blue color. Very trendy this summer. I personally dislike this specific color range, but his one is a rare beauty. Formula is again flawless, one thick coat enough for full coverage. No streaks, no patches, just perfect nail polish. Again dried with dull glossy finish, so a coat of "I'm Vers" was needed. Keep in mind that for this polish, the pictures were very hard to take, as on bright sunlight and on indirect natural light, the polish looks a lot brighter than it actually is. The last of all three photos is the most color accurate.

 "Brick Road" - My absolutely favorite yellow polish of all time.This one has a slight red undertone, which is visible in certain situations. Ever since I found out about BONDI as a brand and browsed through their color selection I fell in love with this color. And now to actually receive it without expecting it , just makes me jump of joy. Flawless formula, however 2 thicker coats are needed for this one. "I'm Vers" top coat as well, because as the previous two it dries with dull glossiness, which needs a bit of touch up.

I absolutely love these polishes. They are so bright, so full of color, you just want to have 15 hands to wear them all at the same time :):) You can find all polishes and more info on their Subscription box at http://www.bondinewyork.com/ The company absolutely won me over with their perfect Customer Service, great product and affordable prices for international customers like me.
Second part of my detailed review coming up tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening!
***All polishes were bought by me and the reviews represent my honest opinion.

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