AVON mini haul - reviews & swatches

Hello ladies!
I've been preparing this post for quite some time now.
In the beginning of September I granted myself a small AVON beauty haul and here's what I got...

First up is the new AVON "Mega Effects" mascara in Black. Every makeup guru on the internet has been raving about this one for quite some time now, so I definitely wanted to give it a try. The effect from it is WOW! I think this is my new all-time favorite mascara! It's just amazing!
I have listed all pros, in my opinion, that this mascara has:

  • Small and very portable 
  • New and innovative design of the packaging 
  • Wide non-round brush, which makes application miraculously easy with only 2 moves 
  • Adjustable, to any angle, head of the brush
  • Long and very well placed bristles that give the lashes volume and thickness
  • Medium-wet formula that applies just the right amount of product on the lashes
And a small tip I learned via youtube - if it begins to dry out, or there's just very little product on the bristles, just squeeze the black container and it will push upwards the product onto the head. 
Below are swatches of the packaging, the head itself and how the product applied on my eyes.

Without mascara
With Mascara

Left - with / right - without

Next thing I got were the last two SuperShock gel eye pencils I was missing in the colors "Plum" and "Silver". I am a huge fan of these pencils as they are flawless in their formula, application and staying time. 

I also received a sample of AVON's renewed "Ultra Color" lipstick in the color "Chic". The newer version comes with new packaging and new formula. I happen to have the exact same color from the older version so below are comparison swatches of both versions. I must say I am very happy with both lipsticks as the formula is not too dry and the color is well pigmented. Staying power is very low, but for the price, I must say its worth it. 

 And the last treat I got was this awesome cute handbag makeup bag. I love how cute and chic at the same time it is. It is not so big, but that's what I was looking for as my old one was quite big and I was carrying around things I don't really need or use daily. It is very durable and has a nice zipper hanger of sorts, which makes it very easy to find my huge bag :)
Any thoughts on the products? I'm very interested on what you think of the mascara. Let me know in the comments x

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