Chanel "Violette" - review and swatch

Hello ladies!
I have a very chic and high-end polish to show you today - Chanel "Violette".
Read on..

Thanks to mom, I got my hands on this Chanel polish, which I immediately wanted to try and show you.
It is called "Violette" and it is a satin dusty violet with a bit of silver undertone.
I am not a huge satin/shimmer fan, as it reminds of my grandmother's polishes which I don't like at all. This one, unfortunately, leaves the same feelings. I will divide my review in a few sections as this is my first ever encounter with Chanel polishes, simply because I don't thing a nail polish will ever be worth that much money.

The bottle:

  • Square bottle with square cap
  • Removable top of cap which reveals an even nicer ribbed cap, which is super nice when it comes to opening and giving you grip when you work with the polish
  • Brush - long and very narrow to my taste, I didn't like the brush 

The formula:
  • Streakiness - A LOT! It seems as though the polish was mixed with water and when you try to reapply it to hide the strikes from the brush it kind of rips off the layer underneath. Pain! 
  • Opacity - not good. Very very sheer and 3 thick coats were needed plus a lot of patience
  • Drying time - slow, slow, slow! I haven't waited for such a long drying time. Not even with OPI "My vampire is buff" which also dries slowly.
Overall thoughts:
If I knew beforehand about the formula of this polish and the pain it will cause me, I would never have gotten it. Thank God it belongs to my mom and she enjoys it a lot :) I tried to like it, but it just didn't happen. What's more I will never give such amount of money for a polish, because there are the same shades from other smaller companies, that offer better formula. Anyway this particular shade does not suit my skin tone and makes me look very dead-white. 
P.S. - All photos are with Seche Vite top coat and the last one is a simple stamping french tip design I did to play around.
Enjoy the photos!

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