My facial skin care routine

Hello ladies!
So I've finally decided to show you what my skincare routine looks like.
There's not much really to show you, as I have normal skin, with slightly dry T-Zone and there's not much my skin needs.
So I'll sum up here how it goes everyday and how I pamper my face every week:

1. Cleaning off my makeup with these miracle wipes. Loving them as they don't dry me out and most importantly they don't irritate my eyes. I have sensitive eyes and I cannot use normal makup removers as I start crying and my eyes sting a lot. 

2. After makeup removal I wash my face with this lovely gel-foam from Garnier with grape seeds extract. Very light, cleans very good and leaves skin very soft to touch.

3. Every 2-3 days I wash my face with this AVON scrub. I find it amazing, at it is very abrasive and works awesome for removing dead cells. Also it feel refreshing a lot.

4. 1-2 times a week I give my face a well deserved face mask. Currently I'm in love with these Montagne Jeunesse face masks, and this particular kit I won from a blog giveaway. They are so thick, so light .. It feels like I made the masks myself and it just feels like a real face mask, not just some creamy substance. I absolutely recommend these beauties :) 

5. For my daily skin moisturize I use this amazing Garnier day cream from their new , at least to me, line. Mine is called "Start a-fresh" (reviewed HERE)

So this is my skin care routine. As you've noticed I do not use night cream, because I find it very unnecessary, simply because I think nature created us humans the way we are and there's no need for extra care. Plus any excess care might be more harmful than helpful, I think. 
Additionally I have one huge advice to anyone suffering from breakouts - Say NO to JUNK! I  don't drink any Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, etc. MCDonalds, KFC, duners and  god knows what else, are out of my eating list (plus I have stomach issues so I have choose not to eat any of these). Eat homemade food as much as possible, do your own syrups, jams and sweet things. I'm not saying I don't go to restaurants or pubs, but daily when I'm working and come back home, me and my hubby, we always cook something for each other. Its tasty, healthy and also good for your skin. Don't forget to sleep well and love your partner - that's a state secret for beautiful skin :)
I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think!

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