RIMMEL Stay Matte compact powder - review and swatch

Good evening ladies!
This weekend is a bit hectic with all the lectures/housekeeping/cooking/entertainment going on around me.
I have a quick post for you tonight - review of my recent new compact powder by Rimmel London "Stay Matte". 

Since my favorite powder ran out (ArtDeco DvT transparent powder) I had to buy myself something a bit cheaper and I had to buy it quickly, so I choose Rimmel and the 'color' is transparent.
I needed a powder that mattifies my face as the BB cream I am using leaves a bit of shine. Also it had to be compact and transparent. I hate the way most ladies are leaving powder traces on their faces, because they put too much product or the color isn't matching. 
This one is a very good drugstore hit, in my opinion. 
  • Large quantity 
  • No fragrance 
  • Easy application, both with brush and with a powder puff
  • It's not very loose to mess up your outfit
  • Mattifies instantly and doesn't dry the skin 
  • No irritation on the face at all 
  • Staying time is average, a single re-do during the day is enough
  • Enough coverage for a transparent powder
  • Very nice price tag ;)
I recommend this one if you're looking for something of very good quality and for a reasonable price.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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