The Body Shop mini haul and reviews

Hello ladies!
Do you smell chocolate? Well, after this post you sure will. And not only chocolate, but strawberries too ;)
Read on...

I recently purchased a few BodyShop products which include:

  • Chocomania shower gel
  • Chocomania body lotion
  • Strawberry body polish
  • A few samples
I must say I am thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase, my all-time favorite bath & body brand, here in my home country. All this made possible by the lovely people at www.mybodyshop.bg 
Now on the products:

TheBodyShop BB cream:
  • Formula - beyond excellent. Very rich, creamy and yet light formula. 
  • Comes in one universal shade.
  • Gives my skin absolute glow and healthy look. 
  • Feels very light on the face, non sticky at all
I highly recommend this BB cream. I found my perfect match when it comes to BBs and I am thrilled to buy the full size. 

Coconut hair oil:
  • First time user of hair oils. I don't like oily beauty products, as I have normal hair/skin, so it feels awfully greasy in the end. 
  • No particular result from this one in the end. 
Tea tree pore minimiser:
  • Fantastic light and refreshing formula.
  • Works miracles on my around-the-nose pores. Shrinks them visibly.
I will get a full size of this one for sure. 

Chocomania body scrub:
  • Smells awesome. I literally wanted to eat it. 
  • Formula - not so good. I expected to be more rough as I need a scrub to be rough to really do the job. 
  • Too much product is wasted without much to give back.
I am glad I didn't got the full sized product of this one.

Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream:
  • Formula - too sticky for me
  • My skin felt suffocated by the cream. 
I know I never should use night creams and this one just proves me right :)

Chocomania Shower Gel:

  • Formula - awesome. Small amount of product, lots of foam, cleans really well.
  • Smell - My GOD! I want to pour this in a cup and drink it! :):):) 
  • Price tag - not so nice, but I love their products and the fact that the company is cruelty free, so I will support them all the way.

Chocomania Body Lotion:
  • Formula - very light, fast absorbing and moisturizing.
  • Smell - see the above one (eat!) 
  • Downside - it leaves a nasty taste in your mouth (comment left by my hubby every time I put some of it on)

Strawberry Body Polish:
  • Formula - very very good. Exfoliates very well, creates light foam, so you can use it as shower gel as well. Its rough particles are good enough for my taste. 
  • Smell - I dream of strawberry fields after using this beauty.

Overall opinion:
I am a huge fan of TheBodyShop ever since I found about them 5 years ago. Its been a real pain getting their products here (after I stopped flying that is), but I am over the top excited that I can get them. 
Cruelty Free, Community Fair Trade, natural ingredients, AWE-SO-ME smell and formulas. What more can a girl ask? 
What's your opinion on the brand? Let me know in the comments. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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