Cirque "Arcus" collection - reviews and swatches - part I

Hello ladies!
I have exciting two posts to show you (today and tomorrow).
They are featuring the US polish brand Cirque (http://www.cirquecolors.com/) and their collection "Arcus". This post will be showing the first 6 shades of the collection. Keep in mind that it is picture heavy post ;)
Read on...

First I would like to express my absolute gratitude to Lucy over at http://lucysstash.com for hosting the giveaway of this Cirque collection and to Annie, the creator of Cirque polishes, for sponsoring it.
This is a big deal for me as a polish lover and I am absolutely thrilled I won these pieces!
Thank you ladies!
Now back on the polishes.
The brand is 3-Free handmade in NYC, all polishes come in square bottles containing 13.2ml of polish perfection (as per official website).
I fell in love with the brand immediately because of the packaging that came with the bottles.
All black paper with black individual packaging for each bottle. A very stylish and sweet message plus an awesome black card with a blue skull on it. The rocker chic in me was singing when she saw all this beauty!
The polishes themselves are very unique in color style, they dry very fast, but they do need a top coat for a glossy finish. I will describe the application of each one individually.
The name of the collection - Arcus, comes from Latin and it means "arc"/"rainbow". There are also references to "arc-shaped" clouds in the sky. No wonder the name is such, all colors are vibrant like rainbow colors.. Enough words, I present you the photos!

"IRIS" - white shimmer polish, ideal for making every other polish a magic on your nails 
I love this one, it is even prettier in real life.. Easy application, beauty!

"MAGIC HOUR" - hexagons, squares, dashes and small round duochrome glitter on a clear base. 
Over black, this beauty is stunning! Application is a bit tricky if you want the glitter evenly placed.

"KALEIDOSCOPE" - again hexagons, small round glitter this time they are pastel color with clear base.
This one is not one of my favorites, as I am not into glitter usually at all. Needs two coats for better coverage and even application.

"LE INVADER" - foil looking square glitter w/ clear base. This one is also not my favorite for the above mentioned reasons. The squares have a nasty habit to stack themselves and be painful to apply nicely.

"LULLABY" - A magical, magical glitter! Stars, squares, round particles in light grey to dark purple colors. It reminds me of an old blanket I used to have a child. I loved it and I couldn't sleep without it. This polish calms my mind when I look at it. Its a beauty! Two coats will be better for more coverage, if needed.

 "ELECTRIC CIRCUS" - micro round glitter that looks and feels dusty when it dries. Very light green base. On accent finger I've put a Golden Rose green color to show the Cirque polish better. It reminds me of the sparks that an electric cable makes when touching water ;) Easy application.

These were the 6 glitters from the "Arcus" collection. I must say they all are a huge PAIN to remove. Soaking is absolutely necessary in this case. I have my favorites ("Iris" & "Magic hour") and some not so favorite. Overall truly amazing pieces of art, which I am proud to have in my collection. 
What do you think of these? Any favorites you have? 
Next post will contain the 6 holos remaining, so stay tuned! 

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