Cirque "Arcus" collection - reviews and swatches - part 2

Hello ladies!
Time for part 2 of my review & swatch of Cirque "Arcus" collection. This post includes all holos and two glitters.
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This post will include ALL my favorites of this whole collection, mainly because I am an addict when it comes to holographic polishes.
If you missed the first part of my review you can check it out HERE.
Now on the polishes. First up will be the 2 remaining glitters.

"QUEEN MAJESTY" - purple/blue-ish sand glitter. Dries to a textured finish. Formula is very jelly like and there should be at least 5 minutes for drying time between the two coats, because it can stack in one part of the nail. Overall gorgeous polish, very good opacity and easy application. Removal is a PAIN, it leaves glitter all over the skin, but its worth it. The pics cannot transform the true beauty of this polish, as it is absolutely purple in real life and super sparkly too. 

"HELIOS" - gold sand glitter named after the Greek sun god. Very appropriate name, because it really looks like sun beams. Very sparkly and truly beautiful polish. It absolutely doesn't look like gold, its just sunny. Opacity is very good with 2 coats, dries textured, removal is PAIN again. I'm loving this one though.

"SANGUINE" - mandarin/golden metallic holo. Very nice color especially for nail art! Dries very dull, but a nice top coat makes it shiny again. 2 coats are enough for full opacity, easy removal.

"ERDA" - the name of the polish means earth. Highly appropriate once more for this amazing color shifting green, which can be dark&light green with hints of black. Beautiful shiny polish, that I am in love with! Full opacity in 2 coats, dries dull again so it needs a top coat. Easy peasy removal.

"BEJEWELED" - I have saved the very very best two polishes for dessert. This stunner right here is the sweetest light blue holo in my life! I love it all the way. Shiny, sparkly and very mysterious on indirect light. Its an honor to wear this one. Very good opacity in 2 coats, needs a top coat too. Easy removal. 

"VESUVIUS" - named after the famous volcano, this red holo is the final work of art in the "Arcus" collection. The holographic effect is so strong that it makes it look like foil on my nails. Shiny, super sparkly and truly beautiful color. At some points it shifts to rosy-red and it is truly beautiful. 
Full opacity in 2 coats, needs a top coat for sure. Easy removal.

Final thoughts on this whole collection - WOW! These are not your average colors and I am very happy I own them, because they challenge me to step out of my 'creme-finish' comfort zone. I love them very much and I am glad I have the opportunity to show them to you. Now I'm off to get some beauties from the "Alchemy" collection that Cirque have been cooking recently!
Let me know your thoughts on these ones in the comments.

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