The Body Shop mini haul and organizing

Hello ladies!
Long time no see, but it looks like Sunday is my blogging day.
Today I have prepared my "The Body Shop" mini haul post and I also want to show you how I organize my vanity table with two new container I bought recently.
First up is the Body Shop haul. From left to right:

  1. Raspberry shower gel
  2. Vineyard peach shower gel
  3. Vitamin E cream cleanser
  4. Vitamin E BB cream
  5. Chocomania lip balm

There's not much to say about the shower gels except that I seriously want to eat them :D
The BB cream I already reviewed HERE , now I just got the full sized product.
The lipbalm is absolutely excellet. Rich creamy formula, tastes amazing, but has one huge flaw - it comes in  a pot and you have to put it on with your fingers, which I find highly uncomfortable.
The cream cleanser is the product I want to give most attention to, because usually I hate cream cleansers:

  • Formula is very light 
  • Does not sting my eyes, which is the sole reason I used to hate cream cleansers
  • Cleans make up instantly
  • No reactions from my skin 
  • It leaves slight stickiness, but I wash my face every time after that so its not a problem
Overall I am absolutely happy with this product, because it does the job perfectly and its absolutely worth the price of 8 pounds. The whole Vitamin E series of The body shop is absolutely incredible and I recommend it highly to anyone. 

Now on organizing my stash.. My hubby bought me a few months ago this super awesome vanity table, with which I am in love, however it turned out my makeup is far more than the table can hold :)) (no wonder here I guess). 

I bought the 2 purple containers very recently to store absolutely all my makeup and I am SO happy that I finally did it! Both of them have three separate drawers, which are large enough to store all my thingies. However, with the speed I am buying makeup (mostly eye shadows that is) I am definitely going to need some more containers. My plans are to buy a nail polish storage rack and to move some of the things so that there will be more space. But that will happen in the near future. 
Enjoy the photos and any further suggestions for organization are always welcome ;)

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