Честита Баба Марта и малко нокти / Baba Marta nail art

Hello ladies!
Today's post is inspired by a local Bulgarian folklore tradition which starts at 1st March and marks the end of the winter season and the coming of spring.

Baba Marta or Granny March (I know it sounds funny) is a fictional character which makes martenitsi and gives them out to people for health and happiness.
The tradition goes back centuries ago and is mainly connected to the idea of the upcoming spring and the birth of new life.
On 1st of March we give out martenitsi to all our families and friends and we don't take them off until we see a stark. Then we hang them on the budding trees.
The martenitsa itself is made out of wool in red and white colors where the white represents the male - health and the red represents the woman - birth. The above photo shows you the two characters named Pijo and Penda (Bulgarian names) which are the most common martenitsi you can see in the country.
With all this being said I will now present you my Pijo&Penda / martenitsa inspired manicure.
Enjoy the photos!

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В този пост ще ви представя моят мартенски маникюр включващ главните действащи лица - Пижо и Пенда.
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